Terms & Conditions

Equine-drawn Carriages Services will be provided by Style and Grace Carriages. This contract is made effective as of the date booked and paid through our website,

Style and Grace Carriages looks forward to making every customer happy. It is our goal to “We Make Dream Events Become Reality”.

1. Contract Terms & Conditions

Please read this Terms & Conditions before carefully before scheduling your event

  1. Style & Grace Carriages may visit the event site prior to finalizing this contract. Equines will not be required to pull grades exceeding 4% of weight.
  2. Style & Grace Carriages may cancel this contract due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of an equine’s shoe(s), an animal’s health, faulty equipment, etc. If Style and Grace cancles, all fees will be fully refunded within 10 working days of the event. If the service has started, and must halt for reasons beyond both parties control, such as inclement weather (primarily heavy rain and lighting etc.), the customer may reschedule the event within one (1) year of service.
  3. Certain weather conditions (primarily heavy rain, lighting, flooding and snow storms), can be dangerous to passengers, carriage staff.